About the Program

Behind the Beauty

We created Beautiful Lengths because healthy hair means a lot to us, and the appearance of healthy hair means so much to women battling cancer. We want to be there for women when looking and feeling healthy is so important to them. As one breast cancer survivor put it, "It was very hard when my hair started falling out. It really takes away who you are when you look in the mirror."

Many of the women we help say that putting on a wig makes them feel like themselves again. And when you donate your hair to the cause, you help make that happen.

Hair That Brings Hope

Beautiful Lengths is a partnership between Pantene and the Canadian Cancer Society, the largest non-profit health organization committed to saving lives from every cancer and improving the quality of life for people facing the disease. The role of Pantene is to help women grow long, strong,* beautiful hair and provide the funds to turn this hair into free, real-hair wigs for women with cancer. So far, Pantene has received over 40,000 ponytails for real-hair wigs that the Canadian Cancer Society distributes, to cancer patients across the country. To see if you are eligible to receive a free wig or if there are wigs available in your area, please call the Canadian Cancer Society Line at 1-888-939-3333.

*strength against damage

For more information on Canadian Cancer Society visit http://www.cancer.ca/

To us, it’s hair, but to women with cancer, it’s hope. Go to Donation Requirements to learn more about donating your hair.

Stories of Strength

Since Pantene started launched the Beautiful Lengths program in Canada in 2007, we have been overwhelmed by the outpour of support. Every year, we receive page after page with messages of hope and gratitude, of love and of loss. We receive boxes of photos of the generous women, children, and even men holding their ponytails, sporting a new short style, along with notes attached in memory of their loved ones. These photos, letters and cards are moving and inspiring in the purest way.



ponytails donated so far and growing