Prepare your hair for donation.

The first step to helping a woman with cancer is simple—help your own hair. Pantene Celebrity Stylist Danilo gives great advice for growing long, healthy and luxurious hair:

  • DO use a conditioner after every wash to help keep hair moisturized and protected against damage.
  • DON'T use a brush on wet hair when you step out of the shower; once hair is washed and conditioned, use a comb with smooth, wide-set teeth to gently detangle hair, working from tip to root.
  • DO use a spray, leave-in conditioner for extra protection when using heated hair appliances.
  • DON'T attempt to blow-dry soaking wet hair immediately; to expedite your blow-out process and help prevent thermal damage, towel-wrap your hair for 10-15 minutes and remove excess water before using a blow-dryer.
  • DO look for new technology in your drying and styling tools to help minimize damage.
  • DO avoid excessive teasing of hair, as it can uplift cuticles, making them fragile and susceptible to breakage.
  • DON'T overbrush hair; despite the common myth that 100 strokes a day are good for hair, this can lead to breakage. Regular, gentle brushing promotes hair health and natural oil distribution.
  • DO use deep-conditioning treatments once a week, or as often as needed, to help minimize split ends and keep hair in top condition.
  • DON'T wait more than eight weeks to get hair trimmed; regular salon visits are essential to keeping hair healthy and beautiful.

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TRUE love, guaranteed!
TRUE love, guaranteed!
When you look good, you feel good…and Pantene will help you get there. In fact, if you don’t absolutely love this product, we’ll send you your money back, guaranteed. Now that’s a beautiful promise.