Don’t Let Your Hair Color Fade Away

You know the feeling: You spend time to find the perfect color—and spend time and money to keep it looking great—only to see it fade away in just a few weeks. What’s the deal?

Hair coloring is an oxidative process that changes hair’s structure. In order to deposit the color pigments inside of hair, chemicals lift the cuticles. Breaking that bond means hair becomes more porous and sponge-like, capable of absorbing water more quickly. As water enters and exits the hair fiber, it can rinse away the hair color dye molecules, making your hair color fade. Ever wonder why red hair tends to fade the fastest? It’s because the intense red dyes are smallest and “escape” easily from a porous hair structure.

What’s more, color-treating hair also can roughen its surface, which effects how hair interacts with light. Hair's naturally light-reflective surface becomes uneven. Imagine a vibrant shade of paint—then imagine taking a scouring pad to it. The roughed-up surface of color-treated hair can make even a vibrant shade look dull. So sometimes it’s not only the fading but also the dulling that makes color look "blah."

Here’s the colorful news: Maintaining healthier hair makes color look better longer, and while all Pantene® products are gentle enough for color-treated hair, we love our color-specific collections for delivering superior color vibrancy and healthy care.
Don’t Let Your Hair Color Fade Away
Ever wonder why red hair tends to fade the fastest?