Dr. Jeni Thomas Q&A

Dr. Jeni Thomas has been a scientist with Pantene® for nine years, where she has focused her work on research related to healthy hair care, how shampoo and conditioners impact hair, and scalp health. In her ongoing pursuit of developing new products, Jeni partners with dermatologists and a team of scientists from around the world. Not only do these research partnerships help to deepen Pantene’s understanding of healthy hair and hair care needs, but they also have helped Jeni to answer the hair question she’s had since her very first perm at the age of 12: Why did her hair change from straight to curly, permanently?

What is the Pro-Vitamin in Pantene?

Dr. Jeni: Every head of hair has millions of cuticle cells, that when properly conditioned, lay flat and ordered. When the hair is nicely aligned, these cuticles reflect the light much like a mirror, creating visible reflectance that we see as shine. The blend of cleaning, repairing, and protecting ingredients in Pantene shampoos and conditioners return hair’s optimal smooth, reflective properties.

What is the Pro-Vitamin in Pantene?

Dr. Jeni: A Pro-Vitamin is a very close cousin to a vitamin. Pantene was inspired by the discovery that Pro-Vitamin B5 offered unexpected hair benefits. It was this discovery that started the Pantene brand, and since 1945, Pro-Vitamin B5 has been in all Pantene formulas.

Is shampooing daily bad for my hair?

Dr. Jeni: While every head of hair is different, they all encounter drying, damaging factors—such as heat, sunlight, and styling—daily. So, just like dry skin needs daily moisturization, it is important that hair is cleansed with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner to help maintain its smooth, soft feel, and to help protect against future dryness that can cause breakage. You should choose how often to wash your hair based on your hair type (is it easily weighed down by scalp oils?), your lifestyle (does your exercise routine interfere with your hairstyle?), and your climate (do you live in a humid environment that affects your style?). Pantene shampoo and conditioner formulas are tested to ensure that they are gentle and effective, even when used daily. Just be careful to take the right steps to minimize damage from daily styling.

When should I shampoo twice?

Dr. Jeni: A good sign that you need to shampoo a second time is if the bubbles in the shampoo foam don’t last through the first shampoo. The dirt and oil in your hair cause the bubbles to collapse and disappear. So, if the bubbles don’t make it through the lathering process, you might need a second round to ensure your hair is off to a clean start.

If someone uses silicone-heavy products, what's the best way to get rid of residue?

Dr. Jeni: Wash with the shampoo that matches the conditioner (e.g., Pantene Anti-Breakage Shampoo and Anti-Breakage Conditioner). Shampoos and conditioners are designed to work together, so the cleaning power of the shampoo should remove the conditioning ingredients you deposited during your last wash. If you feel like the products you are using are leaving a residue, the version you’ve chosen is most likely too heavy for your hair. Opt for a lighter-weight shampoo and conditioner.

Is it possible to really repair the damage caused by blow-drying?

Dr. Jeni: It is no secret that blow-drying can damage your hair. It can cause micro-cracks along the hair fiber, which lead to roughness that you can feel and dullness that you can see. But that doesn’t stop us from doing it anyway! It is important to use a moisturizing shampoo that can smooth hair, followed by a conditioner that can protect and strengthen hair so it is more resilient to styling damage.

What makes Pantene different from other products on the shelf?

Dr. Jeni: Pantene is obsessed with healthy hair, and our research is unrelenting. We always believe there is more we can do to fight hair damage, which is why we never stop searching for high-performing hair care technologies. Each shampoo and conditioner is designed to provide specific benefits and to return hair to its healthiest state possible. You wouldn’t believe the amount of research that goes into understanding healthy hair and why it looks, feels, and behaves the way that it does.

Dr. Jeni Thomas Q&A
Since 1945, Pro-Vitamin B5 has been in all Pantene formulas.