Hair So Healthy It’s Stress-Free

As hair gets older, it goes through some changes that place it under a lot of stress. It becomes thinner, more fragile, and more susceptible to breakage. Styling becomes difficult since hair is more likely to fall flat and become weighed down by products and residue. It’s no wonder, then, that as we age, good hair days are harder and harder to come by!

But understanding the nature of this stress—and why hair falls flat—has led Pantene to develop the Expert Collection with breakthrough technology that boosts hair’s flexibility. Why is flexibility important to hair, and how did we achieve this?

Flexibility means that hair stays free-flowing and resilient, and won’t get weighed down. We found a way to protectively wrap each hair in a super thin microfilm that’s nearly imperceptible, even under a microscope. This film reduces friction between hair strands, which reduces stress and the chance of breakage.

In other words, there’s good news for stressed tresses everywhere. Less stressful hair is healthier hair. And where there’s healthy hair, good hair days can’t be far behind.
Hair So Healthy It’s Stress-Free
Less stressful hair is healthier hair.