How to Detox Your Hair

Cleansing habits (frequency and water type) and lifestyle practices, such as swimming and UV exposure, can introduce new and foreign components to the hair that can, over time, impact the health and beauty of the hair. However, many women are willing to do anything to restore the health of their strands to get beautiful hair.

It has also been found that mineral impurities can be responsible for damage to the hair. A global study discovered copper buildup in hair worldwide. Copper levels, for example, can be introduced into the hair through washing the hair or swimming.

When copper-containing hair is exposed to UV light or color treatments, free radicals are produced that degrade hair’s vital protein structure, leading to protein deficiency. What’s more, this can be a vicious cycle of damage, as the more copper present in hair, the more damage can occur to the hair shaft. Increased damage to the hair shaft results in additional copper uptake.

This leads greatly to the need for detoxification of the hair from mineral impurities, which can help put an end to the vicious cycle.

The Need to Detoxify

In the past years, there has been a growing trend of detoxing. Today, the Cosmetic and Body detoxing market is worth $4B dollars.
Just as we detox our bodies for purification and health, our hair requires the same attention. There are several benefits to hair detoxification just as there are for the body.

• Detoxifying the body helps to reduce and remove impurities. The same holds true for hair; detoxifying the hair not only removes impurities on the hair but also in the hair as well.
• Detoxifying the body can revive and replenish the body. The same holds true for hair.

To Detox or to Clarify?
To address the mineral impurities in hair, it is important that hair is not just clarified but is detoxified. Many clarifying shampoos deeply cleanse the surface of the hair and go beyond cleansing to strip the hair, void the hair of essential oils, and sometimes dry the hair out, leaving it longing for moisture and nourishment. Also, while clarifying shampoos address surface impurities with surfactants, detoxification can address not only what is on the surface of the hair but also the impurities inside the hair, while at the same time delivering the nourishment that the hair needs. As a result, strengthening and protecting the hair helps to protect hair’s integrity over time and helps provide recovery from damage.

The Copper Damage Cycle
Pantene Scientists have found that damaged hair can intake higher levels of copper compared to hair that is not damaged. The presence of existing damage on hair and copper in hair sends hair into a vicious cycle of copper damage that current products do not address.
It’s a vicious cycle — the more damaged hair becomes, the more copper it can absorb, and the more free radicals can be produced. The result? Broken protein fragments leak from the hair fiber. Hair becomes more porous and protein deficient.

For hair with higher levels of damage and more exposure to from damaging factors such as copper from swim or wash water, the Copper Damage Cycle can be accelerated and more vicious. Hair will then suffer increased damaged. When this is the case, an aggressive treatment is needed to help rapidly address the vicious Copper Damage Cycle and reduce the copper levels in hair.

The reduction in Cu from the hair means that there will be fewer ions to act as catalyst in the oxidative reaction that propagate the free radical reactions that disrupt and damage hair’s protein structure.

Pantene introduces a solution for hair detoxification beyond deep surface cleansing. It is Pantene’s first detoxifying system that reaches into the core of the hair to purify and remove impurities, such as copper inside and soil on the hair.

Pantene has identified that the ability of a shampoo, conditioner or treatment product to “detox” the hair is a combination of multiple elements:

1. Cleaning/extracting to remove both environmental toxins (dirt, oil, etc.) and impurities that are delivered to hair via minerals in water (i.e. copper), which can damage hair via external friction and internal oxidation.

2. Helping to Protect hair’s vital protein structure and strength (internal and external) from oxidation damage caused by metal impurities in water (copper), which strip hair’s proteins, making it weaker and more prone to damage.

3. Providing shine to promote a natural healthy look and overall perception of health.

These multiple actions “detox” the hair from external buildup and toxins such as impurities in water like copper and dirt and oil which can cause damage and lead to an overall dull and unhealthy appearance. Additionally, the hair is “detoxed” internally via the removal of the damaging impurities which ultimately rob hair of its vital proteins and strength.


Revitalizes hair with 4x the damage prevention*

*Damage Detox Revitalizing Shampoo and Rebuilding Conditioner System vs. non-conditioning shampoo

The Daily Revitalizing Shampoo with 2X the antioxidants (vs. other Pantene shampoos with EDDS) refreshes hair and removes impurities to maintain hair's resilience to damage.

• The gentle formula is formulated for color treated hair
• It is designed to target the damaged hair at the surface and inside of hair down to the core and prepare it for conditioning.
The formula is supercharged with anti-oxidants to remove impurities, and helps rebuild hair’s surface to replenish fragile hair. Pantene is introducing “game changing” antioxidant technology for hair — protein damage blockers that help target, capture and neutralize excess copper in hair to help prevent free radical formation and preserve hair’s vital proteins.
• The higher levels of EDDS in the shampoo (as compared to other Pantene shampoos with EDDS) helps prevent breakage by reducing the levels of copper in the hair and helps protect hair’s natural protein structure breaking the copper damage cycle.
• Helps prevent further hair damage from copper overtime


*Damage Detox Revitalizing Shampoo and Rebuilding Conditioner System vs. non-conditioning shampoo

The Damage Detox Revitalizing Shampoo and Daily Rebuilding Conditioner together provide 4X the damage prevention. (vs. non-conditioning shampoo)

The Daily Rebuilding Conditioner:
• It provides an intense and deep conditioning, without excessively weighing hair down.
• It helps rebuild a protective layer around fragile hair damaged by chemical treatments.
• It leaves hair soft and resilient to future damage.

NOTE: Mosa Mint Oil is comprised of Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Menthol and Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil. The presence of Mosa Mint Oil provides a fresh crispy minty note, which is connected to a fresh minty experience to the consumer.

Step 3: Deep Clean and Reset with 2X the Antioxidants** with PANTENE PRO-V WITH MOSA MINT OIL WEEKLY DEEP CLEANSE

**vs. other Pantene antioxidant shampoos

The Weekly Deep Cleanse gently detoxifies hair to remove damaging impurities at the surface and the core of the hair.

• It removes buildup from chemically treated hair to promote natural shine.


The Weekly Rehab Crème is an intense moisturizing Rinse off treatment formula that helps seal damaged cuticles and helps renew hair’s surface.

• It delivers brilliant shine and lasting smoothness, even on damaged hair.
• The formula is designed specifically for damaged, color-treated hair.
• It forms a protective conditioning layer on each strand, which does not wash off with next shampoo — offering durable conditioning. The protective layer works effectively by mimicking the natural protective f- layer in hair.

Gentle enough for use on color and chemically treated hair

4 essential components:

• Ingredients to Replenish and Revive: Formula delivers lasting conditioning
o The formula is enriched with both traditional and durable/lasting conditioning ingredients, such as.
• Modified silicone for superb/excellent (or superior for US ONLY) conditioning performance on damaged hair
o The modified silicone, amino silicone, functions as part of a patented conditioning gel network base
• Conditioning gel network gives soft, silky, cushioned hair feel during application and rinsing and in the dry state
• Releasing active (dialkylquat), to help the modified silicone deposit onto the surface of the hair
• Silicone resin which interacts with the modified silicone to drive durability and lasting performance

For a Total Hair Wellness System: Use Damage Recovery Revitalizing Shampoo and Rebuilding Conditioner daily followed by Weekly Deep Cleanse and Total Recovery Treatment once a week

Weekly Rehab Crème: Massage into wet hair after shampooing. Comb through with fingers along the length of your hair, paying particular attention to ends. Let treatment work for 2 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Designed for color treated hair.

How to Detox Your Hair
Pantene introduces a solution for hair detoxification beyond deep surface cleansing.