How to Get Shiny Hair

Think there’s some kind of secret to getting shiny hair? You’re right! And we’ve got it down to a science. Our hair lab geniuses have defined four critical aspects of super shiny hair: smoothness, purity, regularity, and reflectivity.

Smoothness: To be shiny, any surface—whether it’s a car or a window or your hair—must be free of bumps and jagged edges. Surface imperfections can severely diminish your sparkle. So the surface of your hair’s cuticle should ideally be unscratched.

Purity: Believe it or not, your hair color pigment (whether you color or not) is located deep inside your hair, not on the surface. That means for optimal shine you want clear cuticle layers, unclouded by dulling mineral or hairstyling product deposits. That’s what makes for seriously deep shine.

Regularity: Shiny hair, like a crystal, needs uniform regularity so that light can bounce off the hair and back to the eye at a controlled angle. Increased hair regularity can minimize light scattering to deliver higher-intensity shine. Simply put, your hair has to be aligned to reflect shine.

Reflectivity: Once smoothness, purity, and regularity are at their peak, we can enhance your hair’s sparkle with ingredients that reflect light brilliantly to maximize hair’s radiance.

Hint: Healthy hair is the best and easiest way to boost smoothness, purity, regularity, and reflectivity. We like to say “hair so healthy it shines,” but you probably already knew that!

Shiny Hair Secrets
Our hair scientists have discovered four important aspects on how to get shiny hair. Learn the secrets to healthy, shiny hair.