Dr. Jeni Thomas

Dr. Jeni Thomas, Pantene Senior Scientist

Her bad hair day helps you achieve a good one, thanks to her in-depth knowledge of hair and product design.

Dr. Jeni Thomas has been a scientist with P&G for 7 years, where she has focused her research in the areas of hair and scalp health. For new product development, Jeni interacts with external partners to deepen P&G’s scientific understanding, works directly with product design technologists to create the best possible formulations, and conducts consumer studies to understand hair and scalp care needs. Jeni has published and presented research findings across the globe on fundamental hair and scalp science and the associated needs of women and men.

Prior to joining P&G, Jeni earned her Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. Jeni has represented P&G on committees of the American Chemical Society, the Federation of Analytical Chemists and Spectroscopists Societies, United Way and One Hundred Wise Women.

How her hair obsession started:
"I got my first perm at the age of 12, and while my friends’ perms lasted only a few months, my curls were still going strong several years later. This sudden transformation from straight to curly hair sparked my fascination with hair science. "

Her Hair Care Passion:
"Finding new ways to bring back the healthy look and feel to color-treated hair."

Areas of Expertise:
Pantene’s Fundamental Hair Research and Hair Care Technology

Carlista Conde

Carlista Conde, Pantene Principal Scientist

She talks to women all over the world to help create the products you crave.

Carlista Condé has been a technology manager with P&G for more than 12 years. In her current role on Pantene, Carlista leads a R&D team that conducts consumer research across the globe. She is also an expert on the structure and needs of hair of African descent, as well as products developed specifically for African American women. Carlista has a passion for the future of hair care technology, and helping women, especially ones with curly, thick hair, look and feel beautiful everyday. Prior to joining P&G, Carlista earned her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Tallahassee, Florida. She considers herself a beauty technofashionista, loves world travel and playing with her toddler son.

How her hair obsession started:
"Accidently—who knew that an unexpected opportunity with Pantene would end up being a dream job that I love."

Her Hair Care Passion:
"Dry hair, which is particularly challenging for curly, thick hair."

Areas of Expertise:
Pantene’s Fundamental Knowledge of African American Hair, Relaxed & Natural, and Curly Collections

Keyla Lazardi

Keyla Lazardi, Ph.D., Global Pantene R&D Director

She's fixated in creating cutting-edge programs that keep health and beauty on the top of every woman's list.

Dr. Keyla Lazardi is the director who leads the innovation program for P&G’s biggest beauty brand, Pantene. She combines 15 years of domestic and international business development and product research experience at P&G with 6 years of previous technical experience on drug development against prevalent tropical parasitic diseases. Keyla has experience in creating and implementing product programs and business strategies to compete in developing regions. Most recently, her challenge is to create truly global innovation programs that delight very different sets of consumers and market conditions around the world. Keyla is known by coworkers, friends and family as a straight talker with “endless energy” who enjoys chemistry and fashion to the same degree.

Areas of Expertise:
Pantene’s Past, Present, Future and Global Perspective

Emily Overton

Emily Overton, Pantene Principal Scientist

By examining thousands of hair fibers, she can help pinpoint the right ingredients to make products that meet women's complex hair care needs.

Emily Overton has been a scientist with P&G for 12 years, developing new hair and skin care products. Emily leads a team of scientists and cosmetologists to understand consumer hair care needs and understand hair physiology in order to design the best possible formulations. Emily and her team complete many scientific tests and conduct consumer studies among thousands of women, before launching new hair care regimens.

Prior to joining P&G, Emily earned her B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.

How her hair obsession started:
I wanted to develop technologies that were important to my family and friend’s everyday lives. And I wanted to work on hair care because it’s another can’t-live-without-it part of my routine.

Her Hair Care Passion:
Discovering solutions for frizz-free hair

Areas of Expertise:
Pantene’s Focus on Consumer Research and Pantene’s Products

Haleema Chaundry

Haleema Chaundry, Pantene Senior Scientist

She makes sure our marvelous products deliver on the promises they make to women like you.

Haleema Chaudhry has been a scientist with P&G for 8 years where she is now working in Pantene Research & Development. Haleema is an expert on the rigorous testing behind Pantene’s claims, ensuring Pantene products deliver on the promises they make to women. Analyzing hair’s strength and shine as well as a product’s ability to perform, such as preventing and repairing split ends, are just a few of the technical tests Haleema helps to conduct.

Prior to joining P&G, Haleema earned a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas in Austin, Texas.
Personally, she is an adventurous cook, experimenting with flavors from around the world that she encounters while travelling.

Areas of Expertise:
Pantene’s Claims and Technical Testing

Sam McKnight

Sam McKnight, Runway & Celebrity Hairstylist and Pantene Global Ambassador

With a lengthy career spanning three decades Sam McKnight is at the forefront of session hair styling. Collaborating with the world’s top fashion magazines and styling hair for hundreds of covers and stories for over thirty years, Sam has maintained a mutually inspiring and creative collaboration with all the top publications. Sam McKnight also works with the world’s best photographers and models—as well as styling hair for major advertising campaigns and fashion shows, including Jaeger, DSquared and Vivienne Westwood to name but a few. Celebrities are always top of Sam McKnight’s client list and he has worked on some of the most iconic images in recent history. For the past 5 years, Sam McKnight has served as Pantene’s global ambassador, providing creative direction, styling hair for campaigns, co-creating a number of hair care and hairstyling products, and bringing runway trends to the everyday. Respected by designers, photographers and journalists worldwide, Sam McKnight remains one of the world’s top session hairdressers.

Dr. John Gray

Dr. John Gray, Consulting Scientist & Hair Expert

Dr. John Gray is a lead consultant, hair expert, and medical advisor for P&G Beauty & Grooming and runs a private practice and trichology clinic just outside London. In his 20-year career with P&G Beauty he has been involved with both the skin and hair care divisions, has published several books on hair and is a respected specialist in his field as a hair expert.

Marcy Cona

Marcy Cona, Clairol Creative Director of Color & Style

Marcy Cona has been a hair color and styles industry leader for over 20 years and owns her own salon, studio mc, which was recognized as a top fast-growing salon. As a result of her extensive knowledge and experience with hair color and styles, Marcy has been recognized as an intriguing salon owner and voted by her peers as one of the top 75 educators of the 20th century. As creative director for Clairol, Marcy identifies beauty trends, works one-on-one with celebrity talent and collaborates on the development of hair color shade palettes. In addition to her salon, hair color, and styles experience, Marcy has contributed to editorial beauty features in top publications and notable beauty blogs.